Reminder About Absences From the Front Office

Dear Parents,

Happy, Healthy and Safe Holidays to you all and a friendly reminder from the office…  If your child is absent please do one of the following:

– call (310) 828-2814 leave a message on extension 62-204

– send a note to the attendance office

– email to stating the following:

  • Child’s name
  • Teacher’s name
  • Date of absence
  • Reason for absence (Be Specific: Flu, fever, cold, bereavement, family trip, etc.).
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Multicultural Days at Franklin

In March, Franklin will be having their new and improved Multicultural Days event.  This will be a “show and tell” with the students entering an essay competition in late-January, early February.  The winners will present ideas of their culture and ancestry through costumes, language and props by hand or via multimedia (i.e., a slideshow or powerpoint presentation), and by bringing in relatives, or anything else that will be fun and kid friendly in the cafetorium in front of their classmates.  Read more …


National Board Certification is an advanced teaching credential. As part of this process, teachers must analyze their teaching context and students’ needs, submit videos of their teaching, and provide student work samples that demonstrate growth and achievement. The process takes many months to achieve and includes having lessons video taped and reviewed by the certification board. Read more …