As a PTA, we want to make sure all of our students have a safe route to walk to and from school.  Currently, there is only one crosswalk located on Washington between 20th and 26th streets, and this crosswalk is not staffed by a crossing guard.  We would like the city to hear from our parents that we find these conditions hazardous.  Please read the attached  detailed instructions for how to contact our city.  If we all raise our voices together, we can make a difference for our children.
Please link to the following information as a PDF:
📝1. Copy the below message and email the City Traffic Engineer directly:
The new City Traffic Engineer, Henry Servin came to speak with the Northeast Neighbors group in March and provided his contact information. He asked that we email him directly with our concern about Washington Ave. and the 24th and 22nd Street crosswalks. He asked that we include the below information in our email. His address is:
Dear Mr. Servin,
I am writing to express my concern about the hazardous crosswalks on Washington Avenue, specifically those within the Franklin Elementary School Zone. I am a full time resident of Santa Monica with children who attend Franklin Elementary School. We walk to school regularly and have become increasingly concerned about the safety of the crosswalks at 24th and 22nd Streets, especially during the morning drop off hours. We’re requesting that you look into the issue immediately. You’ve asked that we include the below information in our emails to you:
  • WHEN – Weekday mornings prior to school start (7:45-9am)
  • WHAT – Drivers pass through crosswalks, reckless and excessive speed in a School Zone
  • WHERE – Washington Avenue and crosswalks to school on 24th and 22nd Street
  • RECOMMENDED SOLUTIONS – We are requesting an immediate review of the Washington Ave. intersections and crosswalks near Franklin Elementary (especially 22nd and 24th) for the necessary upgrades and critical enhancements such as:
    • Renewed reflective painting (24th and 22nd are faded and nearly invisible)
    • Addition of rapid flash beacons (for the stop signs)
    • In-road warning lights on the street
    • School Zone crossing paddle (like the one in the middle of the road on Idaho/ 24th)
    • Addition of a Crossing Guard
Thank you again for looking into this issue and for keeping our children safe.
🖱2. Send a copy of the message via the SM Government Outreach (GO) system:
You will get an actual requisition number from them, which means they HAVE to respond to you directly.
📬3. Print and mail a copy of this letter to the City of Santa Monica directly:
City of Santa Monica
Traffic Management Division

Attn: Kim Jackson

1685 Main Street, Room 115
PO Box 2200
Santa Monica, CA 90407-2200
☎ 4. Call Rick Luna at the Santa Monica Police Department (Crossing Guards Division) 
Request that we get a crossing guard placed at Washington Ave. & 24th during the weekday morning drop off hours! His number: 310) 458-8466

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