We Are Family!

On the day before Thanksgiving, Franklin Mom Dana Hagooli was hit in the head by a football while at Tongva Park. Some high school kids were playing nearby and the ball hit her head and caused a traumatic brain injury. She has since gone deaf in one ear, has continuous extreme vertigo, has trouble with sensory integration, and has a very acute case of tinnitus (loud continuous screaming in her head.) She is still in a very fragile state and ambulation continues to be a difficult task. Although she has shown some improvement, she continues to have a long road ahead of her.

Many in the Franklin community have already helped her and her family out a great deal. Dana and her family are so thankful for the meals and love! It has helped Dana and her husband Oscar and their FOUR children in ways you cannot imagine. Since Dana is still struggling at this time, a meal train that was established in November will be extended. Sign up here if you wish: https://mealtrain.com/q7eze9 .  And if you see her three oldest kids on campus – Mia (Mrs. Maeder), Coby (Mrs. Threlkeld), Noah (Mrs. Badt) –  be sure to give them a special hello or high-five.

The Franklin PTA considers each and every parent, guardian, and child in the Franklin community a member of the Franklin family.  A special PTA fund has been set aside called Franklin Cares, whereby members of our Franklin family can discreetly receive assistance in times of severe hardship.  The Franklin community replenishes this fund with a modest annual donation ($5) requested in the beginning of each school year in the first day packets.  Thank you so much for your continued support of this program.

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