Honeybees are a vital part of global agriculture. Would you like to know more about their fascinating world? This pollinator has a highly organized society, with castes, jobs and specialties given to different bees in the hive. Their food gathering system dovetails with human needs for fruits and vegetables, and they have interfaced with people for thousands of years! If you’d like to see the nuts and bolts of a bee hive, including an observation window with a “frame” of live bees to ponder over, and learn about bee science and beekeeping culture, come hear and see Ruth Askren of The Hive Tribe discuss and demonstrate the craft. Honey-tasting and beeswax-smelling included! For more information see https://www.thehivetribe.com
No sign up required, all are welcome.
Reminder that if you attend 5 Science Club events AND participate in the Science Fair, your student will receive special recognition at the end of the year!
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